Lodge of Opportunity No 9777

A lodge that is part of the Province of Hertfordshire and is helping to:

By promoting the work of the Masonic Fishing Charity (MTSFC) and other causes not only in Hertfordshire but everywhere it can as well as upholding the traditions and values of Freemasonry as a whole.

This lodge founded in 2004 by active members of the Charity continues today in its mission to raise awareness and encompasses all who are interested in the idea of taking people with ‘Special Needs’ on an interactive fishing day or other event.  This can be either actively or passively by being part of the days organised by the branches or by just being a member of the amazing Masonic institution that does so much for all Charities worldwide.

One of our members helping a young participant at one of the fishing events.

Next Meetings

Monday January 16th 2023 (Installation)Tuesday 2nd May 2023, Regular MeetingThursday July 6th 2023, Regular MeetingMonday 6th November 2023, Regular MeetingMonday 15th January 2024, Installation MeetingTuesday 7th May 2024, Regular MeetingThursday […]

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