The Masonic Charitable Foundation

Freemasons as a whole come together to raise money for charities world wide and makes large donations wherever the need arises.  This is managed nationally by the Masonic Charitable Foundation. They are funded entirely by Freemasons, and help to build better lives, encourage opportunity, promote independence and improve wellbeing.

All Provinces hold special years to promote this and all lodges work towards helping them in their cause.  This lodge is no exception!

The Province of Hertfordshire held a Family Fun Day in recent years and we had a plate smashing stand manned by some of our members. Great fun was had and a goodly sum raised for the benefit of the MCF.  This and other events supported by us enabled us to become a ‘Patron’ during that year.


The Hertfordshire Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity also had a stand with their fund raising duck snaffling game which also involved many of the members from this lodge, other lodges and supporters of MTSFC.


The Mayor of Hertsmere and his lady are seen here catching a duck.
The lodge and the branch have been involved in many more fundraising events over many years supporting many charities and people as well as providing funds for MFC and MTSFC.

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